At first there will be a brief chat to find out your medical history, particularly with regards to any past accidents, injuries or trauma and to determine whether there are any contraindications to treatment. We will also talk about your current health and about what, if anything, you would like from the session. There may be something specific that you would like to address, or you may not have a particular outcome in mind.

A Zero Balancing session usually lasts 30-40 minutes, and is done through clothes so it is best to wear something loose. I will check the movement of your shoulders and the alignment of your spine, then you’ll be invited to lie down, on your back.

In Zero Balancing we work mainly with the core of the skeletal system, focusing on the joints of the spine, ribs, pelvis and ankles. I will work on your lower back, hips and feet, then your upper back, shoulders and neck, before moving down to your feet again to close the session.

The experience encourages a peaceful, deeply relaxed state in which the mind and body can let go of tension.

After a session people often feel more relaxed, grounded and energised, with a feeling of being more present in their bodies, able to stand straighter and with more poise, and to move more freely and easily. Through having been in a meditative state, people sometimes feel light headed immediately after the session. Walking for a few minutes helps this to pass.

If you are new to zero balancing having three sessions in a 3-8 week period is recommended, to help anchor any changes that you experience within the body. After this some people choose to have regular sessions every 4-5 weeks, and some come back occasionally whenever they feel that a session would be beneficial.