Zero Balancing is a good way to maintain your health, and can help people who already feel well to feel even better. By encouraging a clear flow of energy through our bodies and particularly our bones, Zero Balancing can help you to feel much more present in your body. Your mind can feel clearer and you may feel more connected to yourself.

With increased inner alignment, your body’s natural capacity for self healing increases. When energy that was locked up in physical, mental or emotional tension is freed up, you can use it for other things and may have a feeling of renewed energy.

When energy is integrated with your bones you get a deeper sense of connection with your core self, who you really are underneath. You might become more aware of what you really want, and find that you have more resources to cope with stressful situations. Life can feel easier and more enjoyable.

Zero Balancing can:

  • Improve posture and allow greater ease of movement
  • Reduce stress
  • Provide relief from physical pain and discomfort such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain
  • Improved joint function in the joints
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Increase mental clarity and perspective
  • Release emotional trauma and shock, which can be held in the body in the form of tension. ZB can help to release this tension without the need to relive a negative experience
  • Help you to feel good in your body, after injury, trauma or chronic pain
  • ?Increase confidence
  • Give a sense of direction and a greater awareness of your strength, creativity and potential
  • Change outdated patterns and habits, and provide support with making life changes
  • Give you an experience of peace, stillness and deep relaxation