Zero balancing is a deeply relaxing form of bodywork which uses stretches and gentle pressure to the bones at specific points. The pressure is gently held to create still points, or fulcrums.

This can have make huge improvements on a physical level, and also bring about changes in the way you think and feel.

A Zero Balancing session can leave you feeling like you have pushed the reset button. You might feel as if the everyday worries and stresses don’t matter as much anymore. Over time you might even notice that your habitual way of reacting to things has changed, and you feel more able to deal with life’s challenges.

So what happens?

It is similar to the effect that meditation can have over a period of time, but with Zero Balancing people often start to notice positive results much more quickly.

Deep relaxation

A Zero Balancing session can quickly take you into a state of deep relaxation, where you don’t feel as caught up in your normal thought processes, and are much more aware of and connected to your body.

We often have ways of reacting to events that are a kind of unconscious defence mechanism, maybe developed in childhood, or later in life. These reactions would have been sensible ways of protecting ourselves in the past, but when they become unconscious patterns it can be hard for us to notice what we are doing and change. Rather than feeling free to be our authentic selves, we can feel trapped in ways of being that no longer really serve us. Old habits and patterns can actually start to to cause more problems than they solve, and make our lives harder, not easier.

Coming back home

Through Zero Balancing, as with other mindfulness practices, we start to get glimpses of who we are underneath all that ‘stuff’ and to feel how good it feels to just be ourselves. It is like coming home.

An interesting thing about Zero Balancing is that over time, core beliefs about who we are can really start to change. During a session there is little or no talking, but as with talking therapies, our beliefs can start to shift. We can start to feel more confident, with more belief in ourselves and our potential. We really can start to feel genuinely happier.

This happens in a really safe way, with no intention from me to ‘make’ something happen. I work alongside you, creating a space where you can let go of anything that isn’t helpful to you now.

This is the reason for the ‘zero’ in Zero Balancing. When we come back to zero, we are coming back to a state of just being, and remembering how wonderful that feels.

An antidote to modern life

This is so important at this time, when there is so much pressure to be always doing, working hard, achieving more. Stress levels can be continuously high. Often we don’t have enough support, and responsibilities of family and work can really feel overwhelming. Taking a step back and coming back to yourself and your physical body can make so much difference, helping you to find the inner resources you need.