i-phone-1715When I first started having Zero Balancing sessions, around 15 years ago now, I wasn’t in a good place and the future seemed bleak. I’d been through a series of really difficult situations, and I didn’t have the support or the tools to be able to process what I had been through.

I had started learning martial arts while I was at university, and focusing on the training was a way of forgetting my worries and learning how to relax. But I felt like my progress was really slow. I would reach a plateau and be unable to move forward. One day a friend mentioned Zero Balancing. She said that a few sessions could get me to a place internally that might take me a year of practising tai chi. I was intrigued so I made an appointment.

I hardly remember my first Zero Balancing session, I just knew deep down that I needed to come back and have more sessions. So started a journey towards health and happiness. Gradually I was able to let go of the defences I had built up. I started valuing myself enough to make better choices about what I did in my life. I began to see the beauty in life and the kindness in other people. I found myself experiencing moments of genuine happiness.

I have carried on having regular Zero Balancing sessions to this day, as well as working with other therapies including SHEN and acupuncture, and continuing training in martial arts, with particular interest in the internal aspects and cultivating energy.

In 2006 I qualified as a massage therapist, then started Zero Balancing training in 2011. I wanted to support other people to live happier, more fulfilling lives through reconnecting to themselves and their bodies. The skill to bring someone back into connection with themselves through a simple touch is something I am working on and developing all the time. It is a wonderful skill to have.