I am a Zero Balancer based in South Birmingham.

In my experience, bodywork is a fantastic way of allowing positive and gentle change into our lives. It can provide a greater degree of physical comfort and assurance and allow us to become freer within ourselves and to realise our potential more fully, helping us to find peace and happiness through life’s changes.

Over the last fifteen years I’ve gradually developed my self awareness through martial arts training, tai chi, chi kung and acupuncture as well as Zero Balancing. I’m also a trained massage therapist, but chose to focus on Zero Balancing as I find it so much more effective than massage, with longer lasting results.

My own experience of deep transformation through having regular Zero Balancing sessions led me to train as a practitioner. You can read about it in my story.

I have black sashes in Kung Fu and Tai Chi. My martial arts training has given me an experiential understanding of the body’s structure and mechanics, and has developed my ability to listen to another persons body through touch.

I have two daughters, and motherhood has helped me to develop patience, mindfulness and the ability to stay present.


I have diplomas in Swedish and Therapeutic Massage and Anatomy and Physiology (VTCT, 2006), and I’m a certified Zero Balancer (Cert. ZB, 2012). I am a full member of the Zero Balancing Association UK.

I have a Black Sash in Lau Gar Kung Fu (BKFA) and a Second Tengchi in Lee Style Tai Chi Chuan.