Zero balancing is a way to maintain your health, and can help people who already feel well to feel even better.

Zero balancing can benefit a wide range of people and has extensive applications in health and personal development. It can:

  • Improve posture and allow greater ease of movement.

Reduce stress. When your structure and energy are well organised and integrated, you are able to navigate through stressful situations more easily.

  • Provide relief from physical pain and discomfort such as shoulder, neck and lower back pain, and bring improved function in the joints. If your skeleton is poorly aligned, the muscles have to work continually to support your weight and there is a build up of chronic muscular tension, which can eventually cause pain and discomfort. A well aligned skeleton allows the muscles to relax and tension to be released.
  •  Allow you to feel good in your body, after injury, trauma or chronic pain.
  •  Increase mental clarity and perspective.
  • Release emotional trauma and shock, which can be held in the body in the form of tension. ZB can help to release this tension without the need to relive a negative experience.
  • Change outdated patterns and habits, and provide support with making life changes.
  •  Increase confidence.
  • Give a sense of direction and a greater awareness of your strength, creativity and potential.
  •  Increase energy and vitality.
  • Give an experience of peace, stillness and deep relaxation.